Virgin Mobile HTC Evo V 4G

The wait is over! Virgin Mobile is finally getting 4g service and will be unleashing some new more capable android devices.

Sprint is upgrading to the faster 4g LTE to compete with the other BIG carriers. However they are still signed on with Clearwire’s 4g WIMAX service until 2015. WIMAX is slower and is not available outside of major cities. But for those of us who are in the WIMAX zone we can get major savings on Virgin Mobile without sacrificing speed and current phone technology.

HTC EVO V 4G aka the HTC EVO 3D


After months of speculation Virgin Mobile has finally announced the HTC EVO V 4G to drop on May 27th. Anyone with a 25 dollar grandfathered Virgin Mobile plan (like myself) will have to upgrade to the current $35 a month 300 minute unlimited 4G plan. Which in my opinion is well worth the extra money.

Virgin mobile will be releasing the LG Optimus Elite and the HTC EVO V 4G. The Elite is a great phone for a beginner Android user but less capable than the HTC EVO V 4G.

The EVO V 4G was released as the EVO 3D for sprint last summer. Many sources claim the 3D screen and dual 5mp 3D cameras are intact on the EVO V but some claim that they have been removed but the inner workings of the phone are the same.

Regardless of 3D capability, the phone itself is a great higher end contender and definitley will be a gamechanger in the prepaid market.

Courtesy of here is a hands on with the EVO V 4G

More to come when I break my piggy bank to get the $299 for this Virgin Mobile spec monster.

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